As a child, Stacey’s interests were in science and math, art and anything with a button. She was notorious for conducting science experiments around the house, which her parents graciously allowed to go untouched. Her first exposure to computers came from her grandmother, a renaissance woman and pioneer in math education.  Stacey unknowingly began her tech career writing code on a Commodore 64. During that experience she learned to think like an programmer, and understand “syntax”.

In high school, after demonstrating this aptitude for computer literacy, Stacey was introduced to front-end web development by the late Joseph Davis, who also taught her code QA, project management, and project planning. From then, Stacey nurtured the craft and planned her career by building her own digital advertising curriculum at Elon College. Simultaneously, she worked as a content manager for non-profit organizations and on websites for campus organizations.

After graduating Cum Laude from Elon, Stacey landed a job as a web editor… and the rest is history.

Outside of the office, Stacey is passionate about volunteering, and partnering with like-minded professionals to democratize digital and access to tech spaces. She partners with non-profit organizations who provides tech education and professional development to disadvantaged populations. In this work, she offers business development solutions, consults on diversity pipeline development, and helps small minority-owned small businesses with their tech challenges.

A native of Southeast Washington, DC, a dog-lover, audiophile, and supporter of the arts, Stacey currently resides in Mercer Island, WA. She ghost writes, throws pottery, and practices Tai Chi Chuan in her spare time.

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