img_20161208_133855Stacey unknowingly began her tech career as a grade-schooler writing code on a Commodore 64. Her grandmother, a pioneer in education, used computers, an abacus, and fusion techniques to teach math to children who learned differently. ln high school, the late Joseph Davis III, became her career sponsor, teaching her different roles in computer science. He encouraged her to push against the boundaries of traditional technology roles and pursue her professional interests in web development. So… Stacey crafter her colleague curriculum to focus on the skills needed for a tech professional. Her hand-designed array of courses, combined with mentorship and self-paced learning earned her a solid career in non-profit, advertising agency, and tech companies. Currently, Stacey enjoys a challenging career in sales operations at one the world’s largest tech companies in Seattle, supporting online search advertising.

Stacey uses what she learned, and pays forward the support of her mentors by mentoring tech talent inside and outside of her company. Her guiding life principle is to helpful to others through service.

When I reach the end of my life, I want people to say, “Stacey really helped me, and it mattered.” So, if you share with me your dreams or goals, my passion is in helping you achieve them.

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