img_20161208_133855Stacey unknowingly began her tech career as a grade-schooler writing code on a Commodore 64. Her grandmother, a pioneer in education, used computers, an abacus, and fusion techniques to teach math to children who learned differently. ln high school, the PTA President, the late Joseph Davis III, helped her understand different roles in computer science, pushing her to pursue her interests professionally in web development. She earned a for loving complex digital/creative projects.

Currently, Stacey enjoys a challenging career in sales operations at one the world’s largest tech companies in Seattle, Washington, supporting online search advertising.

Passionate about people development, Stacey mentors both within and outside of her 9-to-5, and is always looks for ways to enable others.

When I reach the end of my life, I hope people to say, “Stacey helped me.” If you show me what you’re dreaming to establish, it’s my hope that you let me help you build it.

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